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XP: 5000x, SP: 5000x
Drop: 1x, Spoil: 0x

Safe Enchant: +3
Bless Enchant max: +16
Crystal Enchant max: +26

Mid Grd LS 76 = 10%
High Grd LS 76 = 30%
Top Grd LS 76 = 40%
Enchant Rates:
Blessed 90% to +16
From +16 to +26 only Crystal
Crystal Enchants 100%

Olympiad Information:
Start: 18:00
Ends: 22:00 (+2 GMT)

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Nick PvP
Kingpin 0

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You can download Easy Arena System in 1 of these links:
mega link:

2shared link:

failai.lt link:

For playing in our server you also need systemtextures and animations
You can download them from here:
mega link:

if you have low rate download you can also try this depositfiles link:

failai.lt link:

2shared link:

mega link:

failai.lt link:

Please download these files to your main lineage2 directory to see all custom items and have extremely interesting game.

For now the only active in game admin nick KingPin pm him if you have questions.
Or you can email admin to kingpinl2arena@yahoo.com
skype : adminKingpin
yahoo messanger : kingpinl2arena@yahoo.com

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